Are you paying more than you need to with your current lender?

Many borrowers could switch lenders and save thousands of pounds!

Lenders tend to offer a good deal for a certain period, say two years. After which time the mortgage will revert to a standard variable rate. The market is very competitive and the lenders are keen to attract new customers which means that by switching to a cheaper product, you could reduce your monthly mortgage payment, often considerably.

xpressmortgages can source the whole market, searching many lenders and 1000’s of products to find you a better deal.

If you are looking for a mortgage or loan in excess of a million pound (High Net Worth mortgages) we can offer not only the high street banks but have access to specialist lenders and private banks; often these high value mortgages can be complex and specialist advise should be sought.

We offer a regular review of your mortgage to ensure that you continue to have the best deal and will contact you three months before your rate reverts to the standard variable rate to source the most suitable remortgage product for you at that time.

Remortgaging can also allow you to raise capital, allowing you to purchase a second property or make home improvements.

For more information, please contact us.

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